Disc Brakes: Magura MT8 Raceline Disc Brakes: Magura MT8 Raceline Disc Brakes: Magura MT8 Raceline

MT8 Raceline – Racing is yellow

Super light and incredible braking force – the MT8 Raceline pushes the envelope of braking performance.

It’s perfectly at home in cross country and marathons, so it’s no wonder that world champion Annika Langvad also relies on the neon yellow MT8 Raceline.

299,90 €*

*including 19% VAT. German RRP.

Made in Germany Designed and engineered in Germany


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Disc Brakes: Magura MT8 Raceline


Developed for racing:

Thanks to the Carbotecture SL® brake master and the 1-finger carbon HC lever blade, the MT8 Raceline is a real lightweight. Carbotecture SL® is a composite material that is not only light but also extremely resistant thanks to its embedded carbon fibres.


The popular 1-finger HC carbon lever blade is installed on the MT8 Raceline ex works. It’s lighter and more rigid than its aluminium counterpart, allowing you to get maximum performance out of your bike.

Lightweight Performance

The 2-piston calliper of the MT8 SL is forged from one single piece. The result? Despite its outrageously low weight, the MT8 offers the highest braking power and stability of the 2-piston family.


  • Scope of Use XC. All Mountain
  • Weight 200 g
  • Master Material: Carbotecture SL, Flip-Flop-Design
  • Lever Blade 2-Finger, Carbon
  • Hydraulic Yes
  • Brake Medium Royal Blood (mineral oil based)
  • EBT (Easy Bleed Technology) Yes
  • BAT (Druckpunkteinstellung) No
  • Reach Adjust Yes - 3mm allen key
  • Banjo Fitting Yes
  • Pistons 2
  • Shift Mix Yes (optional)
  • Remote Mix Yes (optional)
  • Recommended rotor Storm SL.2
  • Tubing MAGURA Disctube
  • eBike Switch No
  • Mounting PM/IS
  • Colors Raceline Yellow (Master), Carbon (Lever), Raceline Yellow (Caliper)

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