MAGURA #whostopsyou video series – Episode #4

In this episode, Tobias Woggon talks about Travel Inspiration and the challenge of laziness. #whostopsyou


Everyone has their own personal motivation and a very specific goal, but the path to fulfilment is never straight, nor is it easy. It doesnt matter if youre a professional athlete, hobby biker or a commuter, everyone has their own story of how they push the envelope and redefine the commonplace.

In a new video series, the brake specialist MAGURA tells five personal stories from bikers such as a DH world champion, an XC Olympic athlete and a master chef. What drives them to redefine their lives on their bikes? #whostopsyou

Episode #4 - Tobias Woggon

For 15 years he has been living his dream on his mountain bike and traveling the world. In the past with the aim of racing success, today in search of unique travel stories. It takes him to the most stunning places in the world and where no mountain biker has ever been.  

Tobi particularly wants to inspire with his stories, be it through his own books or live lectures. He wants to encourage people to leave their comfort zone and venture into the unknown. To discover the world and learn to appreciate it.  

In addition to all the experiences of traveling, mindfulness of one's own well-being is also in the foreground. When fly fishing, Tobi deliberately slows down and recharges his batteries for everyday life and the next few experiences. Even if it is becoming increasingly difficult to consciously take time for yourself these days, it is these moments that make traveling so valuable.

Tobi wants to motivate people to experience their own stories and to consciously take the pace out of their everyday lives here and there. So, #whostopsyou ?! 




Tobi´s brake setup:

During his travels, Tobi mostly relies on muscle strength to reach the trails in the wildness. His setup should therefore be both powerful and light. With the MT Trail SL, Tobi relies on 100% trail performance and the weight advantage of a lightweight 2-piston brake caliper on the rear wheel.  

More about his MAGURA MT Trail SL  


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MT Trail SL
Trail Combination

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