Featured MAGURA partner in the USA

Three MAGURA partners and interesting bike concepts.


Propain Bicycles

Now also available in North America!

"We bulid best bikes for us and our friends. So we only use components we are 100% convinced of. MAGURA offers the best possible braking performance." - Stefan Grueny, Team Lead Marketing, Propain bikes

More information about the bicycles: https://www.propain-bikes.com

Otso Cycles

Otso Cycles makes versatile bikes for riding all roads and all trails, whether dirt or snow. One model is the Voytek, which blurs the line between mountain bike and fat bike. Riding trough winters in Minnesota means riding in cold, snow, slush, ice, and road salt.

"MAGURA brakes consistently exceed expectations in conditions that are challenging for riders and tough on bikes."

- Brent Olson, Owner

More information about the bicycles: https://otsocycles.com


Yuba Bicycles

"With safety being at the top of our priority list when designing cargo bike frames, having a brake manufacturer-partner who has a similar mindset made Magura a natural partner. Magura's reputation for manufacturing some of the most high performance hydraulic disc brakes in the world gives Yuba riders unmatched braking power while riding our bikes." 

- Alex Collier (pictured), Owner Yuba Bicycles

More information about the bicycles: https://yubabikes.com


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