MAGURA Raceline editions

You can now get your hands on one of these limited Raceline brakes for the start of the 2021 racing season! To intent all intents and purposes, they´re reserved for officially sponsored athletes - but MAGURA is now offering a new edition of the special MT8 and MT7 Raceline series.

Ever since Bart Brentjens won the very first Olympic mountain bike race in Atlanta in 1996, the neon-coloured brakes from MAGURA have been synonymous with pure racing sport! More than two decades have passed since Bart had his first HS33 RACELINE, followed by a yellow GUSTAV M and an MT7 today. These brakes are all still closely linked by one overriding passion – the fight to gain seconds.

Nowadays it’s the downhill stars Loic Bruni and Danny Hart or cross-country athletes like Elisabeth Brandau and Yana Belomoina who are pushing their personal boundaries anew with the famous MAGURA neon yellow and aiming to attain the Number 1 position on the winners’ podium! 

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MT7 Raceline

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MT8 Raceline

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