#CUSTOMIZEYOURBRAKE - The brake setups of the MAGURA professionals

Every hand and every rider are different! Let’s take a look at our athletes’ brake setups. Long or short lever blade? Racing or performance brake pads?



For years, MAGURA developers and our athletes have been searching for the perfect brake setup. The result? There’s no one perfect setup, customizability is the key to success!


Long lever blade for maximum leverage

Big lever blade, big power. In terms of the laws of physics, the long design of the 2-finger lever blade Max uses on his MT7 generates the highest braking force of all MAGURA lever blades. For the German DH champion, however, it’s not so much the maximum braking force that’s decisive, it’s the excellent ratio between the applied hand force and the braking force that’s generated. Max wants to generate a lot of power even with a small amount of force. This is exactly what the long lever blade does – and it prevents arm pump and premature hand fatigue, especially on long downhill runs. One side effect of the high braking force is a softer bite point for finer modulation. Max’s use of the 2-finger lever shows that it does not necessarily have to be operated with two fingers. On the contrary, in fact: he simply pushes the lever blade further towards the stem and grips it at the end of the lever with one finger!



On/off power with extended reach setting

After the first test camps, it became apparent that DH World Champion Loïc Bruni had very specific ideas regarding braking performance. Ergonomics and brake operation were his top priorities. Loïc prefers a lever blade position that’s far from the handlebars. His HC Wide Reach lever blade has a special design that positions the blade parallel to the handlebar. Thanks to this perfect parallelism, his finger won’t slip on the lever blade, even on the toughest terrain. A hard transmission creates an “on/off braking feel” – perfect for short and hard braking downhill. He who brakes long loses!

How MAGURA Tailor-made Loic bruni´s custom brake levers: Full Story


A touch of carbon

In the Cross-Country World Cup, Yana is feared as a true climber. The steeper and longer the climb, the better it is for her. In addition to its performance data, her hardtail is also optimally adapted to the ratio of power and weight. To get the weight of her brake down to a minimum, she relies on the lightweight HC Carbon lever blade (<20 g light). Small 160 mm rotors are more than enough for her low body weight and the short descents of the Cross-Country World Cup.



Braking power doesn't have to cost the earth!

Fabio is the idol and role model par excellence for many ambitious bikers. Fabio’s main desire was to provide his fans with an affordable setup together with MAGURA – his signature brake. Even beginners in trials or MTB sport should be able to develop freely with this optimum braking power and finest modulation. Assembled according to his own wishes, the MT5 Fabio Wibmer offers the necessary control and a cool design. To ensure that enough play money for bike parks or riding technique training still remains during the bike season, the brake is designed on the basis of the price-attractive MT5 and is available from an RRP of €269.90.


Extra-long HC3 lever blade

The Scottish trials star was instrumental in the development of the HC3 lever blade. With an adjustable transmission ratio, it allows you to quickly adjust the braking feel, from maximum flexibility for soft surfaces to hard “on/off power” for trials stunts in the city or on firm terrain.

For his latest video project, “The Slabs”, Danny’s HC3 lever blade was once again optimized to generate maximum braking force on the more than 700 m high and almost vertical rocks. True to the law of leverage, MAGURA developers created a new end piece that
extended his HC3 lever blade by about 9 mm. The result? More power, but less arm pumping. A 220 mm rotor on the front wheel increased the braking force even more. Danny rides a prototype setup of the extreme – it’s not for normal use.

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