Orbea presents innovative Kemen & Urrun models

With the new Urrun and Kemen models, the Spanish manufacturer Orbea presents two innovative new products for light MTB and city use with MAGURA!

Orbea Urrun

In Basque, "Urrun" means as much as "far". The Urrun is without a doubt an optimal companion for long tours and off-road explorations. To make the time in the saddle as comfortable as possible, the Urrun relies on a geometry specifically designed for control, which conveys safety in all situations.

In keeping with this orientation, the Light E-MTB uses stable and specially optimized for use on eBikes MAGURA eSTOP brakes.

More about the Urrun: Urrun (orbea.com)

Orbea Kemen

The Orbea Kemen is the multifunctional wonder weapon in the portfolio of Orbea. Whether city traffic or off-road outside the city, the Kemen is ready for anything and does everything with innovative features such as a lightweight luggage carrier. For those who want a little more control off-road, the Kemen SUV model even comes with tires up to 2.35" wide. The specific SUV luggage carrier safely carries loads up to 27 kg even off-road.

Orbea also installs powerful MT5 eSTOP brakes on this model.

More about the Kemen: Kemen — Orbea


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